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About Us

Joule Power & technical service is efficient in all aspects of critical power infrastructure. Maintaining critical power and downtime prevention. Our history includes, but is not limited to managing projects from the design phase to implementation. Sustained by certified technicians, engineers, and consultants we share over 100 years of quality industry experience. As leaders in our field, we strive to maintain our reputation of value. Providing each customer with reliability, serviceability, and safe solutions that will ensure you a piece of mind.

Our team works with clients to:

JPnTS offers products that allow end-user to COMPLETELY satisfy the new *NERC/TPL standards.

Satisfy Compliance Requirements

Our award-winning products and services are specifically designed to allow each customer to follow all industry regulations. JPnTS will monitor and report key indicators that are outlined in IEEE and NERC requirements.

Decrease operating costs

Our stand-alone products capture the data for trending and analysis on battery strings. This requires less manpower and manual interpretation. We improve efficiency by providing critical data and report generation.

Increase the reliability of your existing systems

We provide detailed reporting on the battery string and the system's state of health. Our periodic maintenance services are customizable and give our customers peace of mind that systems are fully functional.

We have developed a new Battery Charger Monitor that uses innovative technology to detect the following conditions of the monitoring system and battery string:

Open Circuit

Station Load

Overall Voltage

Ripple Voltage

Float Current

Charger Fail

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Joule Power offers a new innovative product: The Battery Charger Monitor